Maggie Bell & Dave Kelly.

Maggie Bell & Dave Kelly.

Maggie Bell & Dave Kelly

Sunday 3rd November

Doors 7.00pm | Show Starts 7.30pm

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Tickets £22

Maggie Bell and Dave Kelly is an evening with two stalwarts of the British R & B scene, two great voices, two great reputations. A wonderful evening of acoustic blues, soul and good times and no doubt a little humour. The on-stage chemistry is immediately apparent, stemming from their love and respect for the  music they play as well as the deep knowledge of the genre. Although both come originally out of blues/soul explosion of the late 1960’s, their repertoire is far broader than just that. When they first got together in 2007 they both wished to   sing ‘any song that took their fancy’, so the set includes folk, rock, country, gospel as well as blues and soul.

Their stage craft is as would be expected from two professionals with a collective experience of 100 years, but this is no slick show wheeled out with any predictability. Indeed when Maggie and Dave take to the stage ‘anything can happen’ (and often does). One promoter commented “I don’t know how they make such a sound with one guitar and two voices - it sounded like a full band”.

An Astor Community Theatre Event.

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Sun 3 Nov
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