Wilde at Heart

Wilde at Heart



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Conceived by Patrick Marley, actor and co- founder of de Musset & Co., Wilde at Heart is a dramatic look at the life, loves and above all the works of one of the most celebrated literary figures of the 19th Century.

In the course of the narrative we encounter Wilde himself, his friends and enemies, and many more of the colourful characters of the period. The show draws from letters, diaries, reminiscences and contemporary accounts - especially from the plays and other works.

The story of Wilde's life is more dramatic than anything he could possibly have written - " I thought life was going to be a brilliant comedy. I found it to be a revolting and repellent tragedy".

Much of the fascinating detail, taken in past from recent biographies, reveals aspects of this dramatic story which may be new and surprising to many people. Those who think they know all there is to know about Wilde, and those who know very little, will have much to gain from this account of a man who, in the words of W.B Yeates, was 'the half-finished sketch of a great man', destroyed by personal flaws and by a hypocritical society in one of its periodic fits of public morality.

"This is the Best show i have ever seen about Oscar Wilde" . Fenella Fielding

" This is a highly entertaining evening", beautifully performed". Angus McGill, The Evening Standard

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