The Electric Strawbs

The Electric Strawbs



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Legendary producer Tony Visconti has listed the album ‘Dragonfly’ by Strawbs as one of his Top 6 productions. The other albums on Tony’s list are two by David Bowie, ‘Heroes’ and ‘Blackstar’, one for TRex, one for Morrissey, and the other for Gentle Giant. Tony Visconti said: “The Strawbs had started out as a little folk trio..… and look what happened to them. They had two amazing keyboard players in Rick Wakeman and Blue Weaver, but I think that ‘Dragonfly’ was the beginning of them becoming a very, very serious band of progressive musicians. It’s not that usual for a band to come from folk roots…..and then go on to become a big concert rock band.” Strawbs have a unique component in their intricate music - they emerged out of the British Folk Movement of the mid-1960s. The band started life as the Strawberry Hill Boys playing bluegrass, before moving into the mainstream by making the first Strawbs album, All Our Own Work, with Sandy Denny in 1967, a full year before she recorded her first album with Fairport Convention. The album attracted the attention of A&M Records in Hollywood who signed Strawbs as their first British band. Strawbs has a devoted fan base that continues to grow on the strength of albums like Grave New World, Bursting At The Seams, Hero And Heroine, and Ghosts, and classic songs such as Lay Down, A Glimpse Of Heaven, and Benedictus.

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Fri 23 Nov
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