The Midnight Trade

The Midnight Trade

Saturday 8th July

2.00pm – 4.00pm

THE MIDNIGHT TRADE – SMUGGLING IN DEAL                                

A Walk by Gregory Holyoake

During the French Wars, smuggling was at its peak.  Taxes were raised on luxury goods - tea, tobacco, alcohol and fabrics - to pay for the expense of warfare.  Deal - just 21 miles from the Continent - became the very centre of smuggling in Britain.  Everyone in this historic port was involved in contraband from the boatmen, who were the actual carriers, to the magistrates, who funded their illicit activities.  Little wonder then that Pitt`s government invested more money and resources than anywhere else in stamping out this lucrative `midnight trade’.

A two-hour brisk stroll starting at the entrance to Deal Pier and finishing at St George’s Church Hall for refreshments.

Limited Availability – Tickets £7.00

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Sat 8 Jul
2:00pm (SOLD OUT)