Tuesday 4th July


A collaboration with The Bay Trust

Installation creator Robert Jarvis

Musicians Stina Wilson and Andrey Debedev

Artists from SEAS

7.00pm – 10.00pm The Pines Calyx, St Margaret’s Bay

An immersive evening of art and music, together with Robert Jarvis’ sound installation that takes its inspiration from the apparent rotation of stars around the Celestial North Pole.  As the Earth rotates and the stars appear to move slowly around Polaris, the North Star, the installation tracks the stars’ movements and interprets them as an evocative musical score.  The evening will give the audience the opportunity to explore KRONOS – a path around the grounds which demonstrates in time from the ‘Big-Bang’ until the present day.

Musicians Stina Wilson (flute) and Andrey Debedev (guitar) take us on a musical journey through time and space bringing to life works from a range of periods in the romantic grounds and within the Pines Calyx building throughout the evening. Simultaneously, artists from SEAS create live art to respond to the event, the environment and concepts.

Andrew Debedev appears courtesy of the Countess of Munster Trust.

This event will be both inside and outside (entirely inside if inclement weather).  If outside there will be a 5-minute walk to the installation.  A Bar will be available and pizza can be ordered in advance by calling 07775657275.

Ticket Prices: Full £15.00 Students £7.50

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Tue 4 Jul
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