Lestyn Edwards - My Tutu went AWOL!

Lestyn Edwards - My Tutu went AWOL!

Friday June 30th – Iestyn Edwards – My Tutu went AWOL!

Doors 7.30pm Show 8pm

Cabaret seating

Tickets £15

                                       My Tutu Went AWOL!  

The Unbound Books best-seller telling how Iestyn Edwards went from an opera recital for Her Majesty in best bib and tucker to touring Iraq and Afghanistan in tutu, tights and tiara and becoming the Forces’ Sweetheart

 ‘A rare and perfect synthesis of art and larkiness…the audience howled with laughter, stamped and cheered!’  Libby Purves, The Times

All well and good but surely, they say, a book show should be quieter?    

The publisher’s PR swot does tend to remind Iestyn that Penelope Fitzgerald wouldn’t have gone to Hay with her squeeze-box.  Iestyn tried quieter – once, for the non-elected Dean of Bocking. But, thankfully, he was quickly back on track with the all singing, all dancing, all blithering.


 Songs courtesy of Novello, Disney, Bishop et al, ballet solos from Petipa, risqué stories thanks to Royal Marines “Stolen Bag Rat”, Stacks and Rink-Dink.

  ‘Loved what you did at Hay…bloody clever…must see more!’  Anne Robinson

  'The wonderfully eccentric Madame Galina held us enthralled!  More!  More!’’  Daily Mail

  ‘Stop misquoting me or I'll shave off your eyebrows!’ Lt. Cpl Rink-Dink

The audience howled with laughter, stamped and cheered!' The Times

'Read the room perfectly to get belly laughs from us all!' Team Origin

'You were the highlight of my wedding. You looked beautiful, your ballet was fantastic and your routine was utterly hysterical. Thank you so very much!' Lady Antonella von Brasz, wedding for Henry Bonas Events

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Fri 30 Jun
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